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Structural Integration

Structural Integration


This service offers a series of treatments that reorganizes the fascial system more optimally in the gravitational field. This is done through manual manipulation of the fascia.

What is fascia?


Fascia is the connective tissue in your body that holds your body up against gravity. It is the tissue that allows for your skin and muscles to glide and runs in sheets in the body forming a web.


This web becomes disorganized following motor vehicle accidents, any type of injury, after orthopedic surgeries, with long standing postural issues, arthritis, with aging. The longer that you have had pain, or postural issues the more your body will compensate for them possibly developing other issues stemming from this problem.


Structural integration helps to resolve those compensations giving a sense of well begin and ease as well as relieving pain. Anyone can benefit from structural integration.

Want to know more?

Neuromuscular Movement

This service is a hands-on technique that teaches the body to move in ways that are more optimal to the
whole person. This service can also include verbally directed exercises designed to teach the body to
move in more optimal ways. This can relieve stress on painful or injured areas giving a sense of ease in

Neuro Movement

Joint Mobilization

This service offers a hands-on technique specifically for joint restrictions that are identified in evaluations.

Mobilization improves movement in specific joints that are often rendered stiff from arthritis. If you experience conditions like frozen shoulder, you may benefit from this technique and it can be included in your treatment.

Joint Mobilizaton

Exercise Regiments

Every client is given a home ex program designed to continue a path of improvement. These home programs are targeted to the patient’s specific needs and include integrative exercises. These exercises are designed specifically for the client to help facilitate continued improvement even after treatment has concluded.

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