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Alpha Physical Therapy

Adjustments Made for Life and Comfort


Margaret VanderWaerden founded Alpha Physical Therapy in 1988 with the goal of helping people find comfort in their body after surgeries, injuries, or arthritis.

Margaret VanderWaerden
PT, Guild Certified Structural Integrator

With over 30 years of experience, Margaret is a master of fascial manipulation.  With decades of one-on-one client experience and years of continuing education, she can help you experience less pain, more comfort, and ease of movement

About Margaret


Alpha PT offers a select range of services suitable for people of any age.

You may benefit from these services if you have experienced a motor vehicle accident, long standing postural issues, orthopedic surgery, or arthritis.

Treatment is administered one-on-one for a 1 hour period.

Normally patients are seen once a week for 10-12 visits

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Neuromuscular Movement

A technique that teaches the body to move in more optimal ways. This can relieve stress on painful or injured areas giving a sense of ease in movement. 


Structural Integration

Helps to resolve structural issues from the past. Gives a sense of well being and ease as well as relieving pain. Optimizes the body's potential for ease of movement and postural improvement.


Joint Mobilization

Improves movement in joints that are stiff from arthritis. Hands-on joint mobilization techniques for joint restrictions that are identified in evaluation.

We Take Most Insurances

Not sure if you're covered?

Give us a call.

Phone: (425) 481-0236

For uninsured or wellness visits:

$150 per visit



Monday 10-6

Tuesday 9:30-6

Wednesday 9-6

Thursday Closed

Friday 9:30-5



"I had suffered chronic neck pain for years; in fewer than 12 treatments the pain was virtually gone and my posture improved. Margaret's genuine interest in each of her patients and her ability to discern the source of pain are invaluable. Her training in the Rolf Method of Structural Integration combined with her previous experience in Feldenkrais make her the consummate Physical Therapist."

Kathy H

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